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‘The Roger Bannister of the Mortgage Industry’

Greg Frost was the first mega Originator in the Mortgage Business. He topped $80 Million in personal production in 1993. What made that feat especially notable is that he did it in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with an average loan amount of $92,000.  As Dick Vitale would later say…”That’s a lot of loans, Baby!”

Greg has been the #1 residential Mortgage Lender in New Mexico since 1985.  He is consistantly ranked by Mortgage Originator Magazine among the top 20 Mortgage Originators in America.   Greg is also noted as being the first $Billion Dollar$ Loan Originator in the mortgage industry.

Greg was described by Todd Duncan as…”The Roger Bannister of the Mortgage Industry. Roger Bannister was the first man to break the 4-minute mile and Greg Frost was the first Loan Originator to show us that consistent multi-million dollar per-month originations were possible.”

Last year Greg’s team originated mortgages on 6.5% of all re-sales as reported through the Albuquerque Board of Realtors®. One out of 16 home buyers obtained their home loan from Greg’s team.  He attributes his success to his sales and marketing systems.  They work for him, for his team, and they can work for you.

If you’ve just experienced a Greg Frost seminar, you now know how easy it is to increase your business.  You have been shown some of the systems Greg’s team uses each and every day.  You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Just make a commitment to invest in your success.  Implement one or more of Greg’s ideas and reap the personal rewards of multi-million dollar monthly Loan Originations.


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Greg Frost Sr. was the industry’s first billion-dollar originator. Learn more about him here.