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Greg is available to train at your next company sales meeting, regional sales rally, or national production event. Strategic planning and tactical implementation training to all levels of Originators and production management. Spend the day with one of America’s Top Producers. Click here to receive more information via e-mail. Click here for fee schedule.

Imagine having one of the nation’s leading Mortgage Originators in your office and at your disposal. Have a question? Ask him. Have a comment? Tell him. Expert consulting, training, and advice from one of the masters of loan origination.


Greg’s one-day corporate training usually begins with a 3 hour presentation of his marketing strategies to the listing agent, selling agent, borrower, co-borrower office influence groups, HR managers, home seller, sales managers, etc… He also covers targeting owners of new listings and top producing Realtors®.

This is followed by a 1-2 hour Loan Officer implementation strategy session where each LO is challenged to identify the two strategies that they plan to implement. Greg then discusses key points he has learned in implementing these particular strategies. During this time, Greg consults individually with each LO.

Greg then breaks out with your Sales Manager(s) to discuss bringing value to your sales meetings and establishing accountability moving forward. Finally, Greg spends the remainder of the day with management in a free exchange of ideas and mentorships.

Regional or State Associations

Bring Greg in as a featured trainer at your regional or state association conference for only $1500! Your only investment for his 2-4 hour training session is $1500, plus one standard-sized booth at your technology exhibit. Greg has several vendors who will sponsor him, share the booth, and subsidize his published fee. There is no more affordable way to bring a top industry speaker/trainer to your event than this. Click here to receive more information via e-mail. Click here for fee schedule.


Greg will fly in the night before your event. He will spend all day among your attendees, both before, and after his presentation. He prefers to present for a minimum of three hours, so as to have enough time to completely cover all of his tactics and strategies.  He will, however, shorten or lengthen his presentation as needed to meet your event schedule.

Greg will make himself available for keynote, 3 hour training, implementation sessions, senior management consultation, etc…

Greg finds that the intimacy of an “on-site” presentation of his strategies, and evaluation of your environment, can be extremely compelling and productive. If you want to “go deep” and get to where it is you want to go, this is the way to do it. Greg is there to help you plan your work, so you can work your plan.

Greg will fly in the night before and spend the entire day with you and your team.  He will present to your team; review your  existing  systems, strategies and tactics; evaluate your current marketing; and provide complimenting or restructuring tactics.


Greg is available to train on-site throughout the year. He prefers to work with you on Thursdays. This way, you can prepare for his visit and complete most of your week prior to his arrival.

Greg Frost -- Mortgage Legend, Dynamic Speaker and Trainer


Dr. Robert Cialdini has spent his entire career researching the science of influence earning him an international reputation as an expert in the fields of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation.

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“One of America’s Icons”

Greg Frost Sr. was the industry’s first billion-dollar originator. Learn more about him here.