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If you can point and click a mouse, you can begin marketing to more than 13 potential referral sources using 60+ market tested approach pieces from Greg. Start using this marketing system today to generate referrals from loans already in process.

  • Takes less than 30 minutes to install and configure
  • Optional Pre-personalization with your photo, logo, and contact information
  • Easy To Learn And Use (Designed by Originators, for Originators)
  • Built on the World’s #1 contact management software, ACT!
  • 60 marketing forms, letters, and flyers from Greg’s personal collection


The ACTion! Marketing & Client Management System™ was designed to help individual Loan Originators easily replicate the ultra-successful cross-selling strategies and tactics pioneered by Greg Frost. ACTion!™ not only gives the Originator a way to keep track of their borrowers, but a way to market to 13 additional referral sources associated with each loan in process.

The goal of the ACTion! system is to:

  1. Create an opportunity for a “warm call” with the Listing Agent on every current loan in process by proactively communicating in a most professional manner.
  2. Replace every current loan in process with a new loan, thus doubling your volume.
  3. Identify the most logical borrower prospects in your market and approach them with a proven, sequential marketing campaign.

The “System” includes an approach campaign of 60+ marketing pieces that will let you reach out to Realtors®, Sales Managers, Employers, Sellers, etc… creating an opportunity for a “warm call”. By marketing to these 13 referral sources, on each and every loan you have in process, you will exponentially increase your chances of receiving a quality referral, thus doubling your loan volume.

However, the ACTion! Marketing System™ is more than just a marketing system. It is also a completely functional ACT database. All of the fields and templates are identical to those designed and used by Greg Frost. This alone will save you 200-350 hours of ACT customization. We have done all the work. You simply install and begin marketing, just like Greg does.

ACTion! Marketing System™ includes a list that reminds you of what marketing pieces to send, and when to send them. It even has a history feature that automatically tracks what you have already sent out, keeping you organized. It includes a day planner, calendars, and much, much more!

We also offer an optional completely pre-personalized version with your picture, logo, and personal contact information already integrated. Best of all, the average Loan Officer can install the software in less than 1 hour and start marketing. This is a far cry from similar software packages that are difficult to install, time consuming to learn, and cumbersome to apply.

The ACTion!™ “system” took ten years of Greg’s experiences to develop. In addition, it took over 450 man-hours to create and perfect the layouts, database fields, and marketing materials included with the program. Now, you too, can obtain the complete ACTion! system that Greg uses for your personal use and propel your production.


Dr. Robert Cialdini has spent his entire career researching the science of influence earning him an international reputation as an expert in the fields of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation.

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Greg Frost Sr. was the industry’s first billion-dollar originator. Learn more about him here.